(Entr’acte / Absurd)

Steven Hess, Joseph Mills and Adam Sonderberg show two ways of creating awesome music which is both sharp-minded and unclassifiable. This 7-inch, contained by the customary Entr’acte vacuum-sealed sleeve that needs scissors to be opened, comprises “Ybo” – an impressive resonant quake that sounds like a meeting of Organum and Mark Wastell’s tam tam in “Vibra” at Klaus (not John…) Wiese’s house – and “Sum”, which starts with percussive clatter, then introduces deep hums and subsonic adjacencies to finally end in an ebullient amalgam of field recordings where the voices of a crowd become progressively engulfed in a frequency subtraction until they figure as the sonic portrait of a turbulent underwater population. A 70-minute CD of stuff like this after such a taster is not “desirable” – it’s demanded.