HMUTE – Mutable Tension

(Echo Music)

Yorgos Sioros uses MAX/MSP programs to generate mathematic patterns that constitute the structure of a pretty detached music, articulated in five movements over the course of about 65 minutes, whose commercial value is probably next to zero but that’s not a problem with us, right? “Mutable tension” is one of those records that grows with each listening; it’s indeed full of subdued pulses and underground rhythms that indicate an access door to the ones who feel lost without something to tap their feet to – and I’m not talking drum’n’bass, rather a constantly mutating skeleton of advanced electronica affected by Tourette syndrome, with a futuristic aroma. Yet, Hmute gets our highest degree of approval when he manages to let us assimilate the darkest nuances of his sound, subsonic heartbeat and hazy concoctions of twilight scenes invading the listening space for long bewitching spells, before they’re totally disintegrated by industrial harshness at the end. This CD will be enjoyed by lovers of Esplendor Geometrico and De Fabriek, but also by those interested in the extreme fringes of the shadowy galaxies of space music.


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