HOTELGASTE – Flowers You Can Eat


This is the debut recording of Hotelgäste, a trio formed by Canadian Dave Bennett and Derek Shirley (on guitar and bass respectively) plus Michael Thieke on clarinet, alto sax and zither. Since the very first moments a mechanism of continuous emission is set up by the musicians, who remain within the limits of slightly powered microsounds alimented by organic composites of acoustic and electronic means, filling every space with an unobtrusive spreading of colours deriving from the AMM/Morphogenesis palette. In this sense, “Sleepy Lady” – not coincidentally the longest track – is the most involving segment, developing its motory force gradually yet incessantly, in an amorphous deprivation of aural breath where the deep resonance of Thieke’s reed accompanies Bennett and Shirley in an infinite try to raise their heads out of the poisoned waters of pseudo-industrial loops. The rest of the album also shows good class, the music ranging from clustering isolationist dissonances to opaque transparences, where the sources keep their visibility even if blurred by a diffuse dust of distortion; a flash of truly great interaction is “Wintermusic”, in which Shirley’s bass arcoes a hole in the ground for levity to be buried in, while Thieke and Bennett throw dirt through their playing in a commemorative gesture, all faces pointing to the crumbling ground under their feet.


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