IAN HOLLOWAY – A Lonely Place

(Quiet World)

Drifting grey clouds that, for once, do not imply obscure presages but seem to perfectly fit in the momentary lapse of consciousness that one experiences while not exactly concentrated on something. This is the principal sensation that listening to this album causes. “A lonely place” sounds warm in a way, putting us at a complete ease through a long sequence of morphing resonances and wavering drones. Ian Holloway has by now shown to all the hungry experts of the dark ambient scene that he is for real: the consistency of this artist’s presentations is tangible and I can’t remember ever having thought about any of his CDs as not satisfactory. Impossible to say what Holloway used for this 38-minute piece, as the sources could very well be potentially compared to whatever can be subjected to alteration by heavy processing – wind to motors, didjeridoo to voices. Keyboards, guitars maybe? Heaven knows. The fact is that the outcome is next to splendid, an electronic release that definitely doesn’t weigh on the listener’s patience. It’s a perfect example of that kind of sound art that does not actually “invent”, yet is so beautifully made that we just don’t need anything else to feel good. And good I felt throughout the whole program. Another high mark for Quiet World’s boss.


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