JOE GIARDULLO – No Work Today: Nine For Steve Lacy


With this brilliant effort, Joe Giardullo not only succeeds in celebrating one of the finest soprano saxophone masters; he also reinforces his right to be considered among the most accomplished virtuosos in today’s panorama. Even more noticeably, he does this without reaching out for transcendence or – worse still – for that sensual deterioration which often lurks behind the apparent freedom given by a doleful distruction of what seemed a bad world of constrictions and was instead the chrysalis of a structural charm. Giardullo wanders around linear sketches whose hard-boned skeleton is perfectly delineated in modal improvisations where silence and notes have veritably the same specific weight; the evidence of this unbelievably limpid dexterity stands out in the gorgeous rendition of “Prospectus”, a piece that Steve Lacy wrote using all the notes in the C major scale; in Joe’s hands, it becomes a softly confident preparation to a clear-headed dimension of ambivalent intelligence and geometric poetry. Giardullo’s own creations “follow the music”, as he writes on the liner notes of a beautiful booklet, meeting his dedicatee’s concepts and furtherly adorning them with a composed expressiveness brimming with emphatic simplicity even in the moments where the saxophonist lets the reins just that bit necessary to direct the sound towards the fringes of the soprano’s range, in exciting attempts to portray the molecular movement of the surrounding air waves.


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