Third effort by the excellent Giardullo on this label, “Now Is” presents four musicians at their very expressive high. Starting with the swinging, jazzy outburst – with a ” full freedom” imprint – of the title track, the record guarantees skill and heart in enormous doses in the following pieces, where the magnificent eruptions and flights of the saxes and the deep inquiries of Joe McPhee’s pocket trumpet’s lines are perfectly at ease with a rhythm section consistently imaginative and turbulent when the right moment comes. While Joe Giardullo and Joe McPhee are those kind of masters you can always trust because they’ll NEVER fail to produce emotional moments, I’d just like to take my hat off in front of the technical capability and soulful equilibrium of a great bassist, Mike Bisio; last but not least, the scintillating drumming (not to mention his djembe) of Tani Tabbal also deserves a spot in the light – that very light that surely was caressing the heads of these four gentlemen while recording this beauty. A must for lovers of contemporary jazz.