A quarter of an hour – yes, it is just another 3-inch – can be enough to declare war to tranquillity. Try to play “Elseif” at a good volume, then expect your relatives to knock on your door to check if you’re OK. Me, I was delighted by this alternance of ear-stinging synthetic needles and pins; three tracks are similar to a vinyl record played with Freddy Kruger’s nails, while the remaining ones are sorts of “parallel convergences” among spaghetti-like bunches of more static lines. All were made using dynamic stochastic synthesis, a topic that’s too difficult to be explained in a few lines – go study a little Iannis Xenakis on the web. Even if quite serious in its intentions, I had a lot of fun by listening to this music, which should be enjoyed as the unexpected result of peculiar experiments.


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