JOE GILMORE – On Quasi-Convergence And Quiet Spaces


The last couple of Cut releases tends towards the harsh side of the sonic spectrum and – except for the long conclusive track “U+221E” which is as hypnotizing as we can get, and verily desirable to these ears – this CD by Joe Gilmore is a fine specimen of that kind of experimental computer-ism that manages to sound fresh enough to erase any doubt about the fact that its creator is for real. A multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer, Gilmore has published his music on various labels (I recall a pretty lively split 3-inch with George Rogers on Entr’acte). He privileges a certain rawness as opposed to over-refinement, which is very helpful for the sounds to lacerate any chance of indifference and, better still, to cover quite a bit of extraneous chit-chat if you decide to isolate yourself and your walkman amidst the urban tribes that infest an already scarcely digestible social participation. A veritable festival of impractical frequencies, rusty impermanences, flexible grumbles, but also several moments of rewarding investigation of deeply convulsive, revolving figures that look for a stabilizing mechanism – which they usually can’t find. Uneasy yet, at the same time, pretty accessible if you’re well acquainted with problematic improbabilities. Many convergences, dearth of quiet spaces. Finding the latter ones within ourselves is the key to better penetrate Gilmore’s procedures.


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