If music is an indicator of freedom, then the trio of John Heward (drums), Joe Giardullo (sax, clarinet, flute) and Mike Bisio (bass) should be used to point the right direction where so-called “freeform music” (or free jazz, for that matter) should go. If you think of improvisation as an often unclear, incomprehensible series of intersected soliloquies, listen to the sixth track of this CD: while Bisio raises distant rememberings with his caressing tone, Heward and Giardullo whisper to each other like if wanting to describe what the beauty of life and the sorrow of memories are about. Don’t think this is a soft record, though; when the boys decide to get rapacious there’s no turning back, their instruments conjuring up raging statements and quicksand-like dangerous allure. In the era of ignorance and utter disengagement from anything having a significance, these holdovers still want to keep a flickering flame of sincerity well alive and burning.


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