(Anthro Pometrics)

Absolutely no compromise for this electronics and trombone duo, recorded in ten short live improvisations in 2004. In both sides of this vinyl album, Hubweber – one of the finest European trombonists, if you ask me – supplies raw materials and evolved phraseologies that Böttcher is able to mould and fuse in infinite quibbles where instrumental acoustics and radical effect incendiarism maintain a loquacious intercourse. Pinching each other with unexpected twists, the musicians govern the behaviour of their own peculiar artistic molecules with ease, putting irony and paradox on the top of the list; thus, a two-voice potential becomes an omnibus bag of squalls and strange sonic prints that no one will ask to explain, in a “love it or hate it” stance which – I believe – is just what these fine improvisers desire most of all.