“Circle” by Richard Garet is a gorgeous juxtaposition of field recordings and studio treatments, in which inherent manifestations and mechanical sounds create an ambience accepted by our ears like a perfectly natural thing; the powerful images conjured up by Garet can be filed in the archives of the most deeply captivating electroacoustic music. Dale Lloyd underlines that there aren’t actual insects or amphibians in his “Anamorphic_AT”; indeed one could be deceived by the cricket-like sounds characterizing the piece, a high frequency electronic meditation over an underground rumbling whisper, akin to the wind as heard from afar. Speaking of which, the wind itself is the leading source in Jos Smolders’ “Aiolos (Vangsaa exterior)”; the composer mixes “the continuous pushing and tearing” of several air currents, what he calls “tiny bell-like anomalies” made with Bhajis Loops and environmental sounds for what’s maybe the most “concrete” track of the disc, which itself is ended by Ubeboet’s tracks, “The wait”, “Doubts” and “Waking up (Misty)”, three shorter nocturnal pieces defined by their creator as a sort of reproduction of “urban, unnatural environments without human presence” – and I could not put it better than this; these enigmatic textures constitute a “post-industrial” conclusion for another intriguing album by this excellent label.


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