One of the best pairings of personalities that one could imagine, Hirsch and Kazuhisa show all their magnificent talent in a flawless live recording. The American vocalist is her usual self, her interpretation ranging from one genre to another with a fantasy and an intelligence that are rare to see nowadays; her technical ability is well known, so is the sense of humour that she always puts in front of us, a trademark for which Shelley is recognizable at the first note she hits. Uchihashi Kazuhisa complements her in stunningly perfect fashion, accompanying and counterpointing through a fresh sense of technical abandon that never cancels the simple beauty of the “gesture of playing”. His use of delays and effects to reach different timbral zones is a perfect balance to Shelley’s crazy yet lucid evolutions. And when they try to subvert “In a sentimental mood” with their cross between anarchy and loving homage, well – I think that the circle is closed. This is a masterpiece.


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