[sic] TIM GOLDIE – Abjector [sic]


Trying to convince people about the good and the bad in a record like this is completely useless. A classic love/hate dichotomy: someone will think that it’s art, someone else that it’s shit. Tim Goldie himself seems to have chosen a black/white approach in releasing this pair of CDs. In fact, the first one features a piece – “White peristaltic interrogations” – where the experimentation with drums and voice reaches points of high interest, as Goldie transforms the instruments (which also include credit card and bird whistle) into machines producing several kinds of groans, growls and thunders, the whole interspersed with long silences in the final section. Some of the materials are not too distant from Z’EV, but there’s probably a larger dose of anarchy in what we find here (you’ve got to love the absurd track subdivision, take a look to your player while listening). The second disc finds TG in full-scream mode in “Devocalised Fluchtverdächtiger”, as he meshes his shrieking rants with the resonance of a snare drum or throws them up by themselves, overdriving the mess via a guitar amplifier. This is obviously the part that you might want to keep secret to your relatives, a pure act of anger and liberation that has no musical sense at all yet perhaps does imply a degree of artistry, more or less on the coordinates of Viennese Aktionist movement – or nearby areas. Not that the depth is the same, though. Or is it? I can’t decide myself. Still, this is a keeper if only for disc one, which contains seriously absorbing, brain-enhancing noise in abundant quantities.


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