Listening to a live recording in this genre – described as “focusing on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody” by the press release – is pretty uncommon, but this 20-minute disc by Canadian Hecker is exactly that, the title referring of course to the performance site. The whole piece is encrusted with digital dirtiness, the deteriorated equalization making it sound like heard from within a vehicle in a car wash, pseudo-watery discharges and ripping strokes of unescapable arctic wind slapping the basic content all over the place. Speaking of which, the different harmonic contexts “ruined” by the Hecker treatment might be associated, at various times, to a scarred mélange of simplified Fennesz with an initial nod to Reich and just a pinch of Basinski. Ben Frost moved around analogous coordinates recently, too. In general, this would seem to amount to a destructive look at a hypothetical old snapshot album (which seems to have become a little bit of a trademark in these kinds of scarred sonic presentations). To be filed in a rather jammed archive of similar albums, among the artifacts classified as “interesting”. I suggest headphones, as a wealth of disguised details will be brought forth and better appreciated.