(Dragon’s Eye)

While the majority of electronic musicians uses synthesis to create soundscapes, Seattle’s audio-visual artist Wyndel Hunt strives to “create a synthetic environment with sound”. This translates into a music that’s at one and the same time charged with a sort of repressed violence, which Hunt somehow keeps in check through strata of noisy dirtiness or, in other words, digital saturation lacquering most everything one hears, yet is sweetened by the semblance of a semi-consonant conformation that never transcends the limit of a minimal (make that “null”) harmonic movement. Also, Hunt makes good use of repeated dynamic changes that often surprise and at times – if the volume is way up – could definitely scare the hell out of your pants if you made the mistake of relaxing too much. “Nk Ak”, an album whose tracks’ names are as incomprehensible as its title (“Raktz”, “D Leofl”, “Sikn Rn” being nice examples) is one of those outings that do not evidence huge qualities at a first listen but reveal new secrets with each try. It’s not even remotely associable with anything I know, and this should be taken as a big compliment. It could appeal to fans of early Fripp & Eno as much as Phill Niblock’s, maybe also to those who are appreciative of labels like Mego, yet remains fairly incomparable, a soundtrack for an invisible urban underworld which one would never get in touch with. Nevertheless, it sends signals that an organically developed, actively thinking being will catch and try to follow, curiously fascinated by something that lets us peep at a new kind of elegance covered with horrible scars. Play loud for maximum psychological impact. Uncommon and galvanizing.


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