At one and the same time refined and hungry, Fernandez and Gustafsson’s music explicate its immeasurable intensity through ten piano/sax duets that touch aspects of improvisation ranging from lively conversation to fuming quarrelsomeness. While many fantasticate upon spiritual bonding and communion of intents, these hot heads like to show their discrepancies: ruinous stumbles, forced contrapuntal meetings, crumbling shouts, mouthfuls of saliva-drenched tough cookies and rumbling digital jugglery form a large mass of inequable, essentially anarchic sounds looking for the nearest way out of normalcy. Utterly unpredictable, always puzzling, all the tracks of which “Critical mass” is made contain scorching attacks to the casual listener, who will be scared by such a sclerotic tissue of dissonance; instead, this stuff is for long-standing connoisseurs, people whose renitency to artistic cheapness is well proven. To those ears, this album will sound as an instant classic.


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