Four studies for sine waves, ring modulation, pitch shifting and – generally speaking – frequency superimposition, each one timed at 19 minutes and 33 seconds in a record that’s charmingly effective to the brain and geometrically perfect as far as sound diffusion is concerned. There’s no trace of weirdness or irregularity in this music; even if certainly not groundbreaking, the vibrational impact of the tracks is quite often inspiring and “traditionally relaxing”. Remaining autonomous in relation to the sacred realms of American trance mavericks, First achieves the goal of separating himself from the music – which is a plus in this case – and take a well definite position amidst the oppressive ambiguities and distracting overhypes that lie under the contemporary spotlights. All that said, “Dave’s waves” – except maybe for the more dynamic fourth part – should appeal to fans of Eliane Radigue and the likes, even if on a slightly detached, less profound level.