(Black Orchid)

Using mostly treated guitars until making them virtually unrecognizable, Ferguson scores an excellent point with this “limited means/maximum result” release for this Slovakian label. “Dawning” starts with a deviated Eno/Fripp-like trance wash of abstract, pretty consonant chords that get harsher after a massive superimposition, all bathed in a nebulous atmosphere forcing all sounds in a small metallic globe. Other interesting tracks are “Front end loader”, where a flock of apparently unmovable clusters puts the listener straight into an incinerator; “Viriginia insects” (sic), a purgatory where no correct door to heaven is shown, like being lost amidst running tape reels and failing lights. “Extraterritorial” puts the accent upon a nice Krautrock similarity, while the final “Morning” is a collage of anguish and unresolving, nerve-wrecking tensions. But what really gets me pleasantly lost are the dark room fumes of the droning “Brooding”: I could listen to this piece for hours indeed. Excellent, personal music with lots of influences perfectly digested and synthesized by a man I’d really like to hear much more of.


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