This record is my very first contact with the art of Elisabeth Flunger, who was born in Italy but is a long-time Austrian resident. She makes music with metals, but not according to the usual percussive canons and schemes; as a matter of fact, Flunger uses what she calls “heaps of metal pieces” to execute materials that do have a structure, usually based on some sort of pulse that does not behave like a “pattern” or a “sequence”, but seems more related to a precise choice of gestures and physical activities, thus maintaining a “minimal” architecture that nevertheless is extremely variegated and, for lack of a better expression, natural sounding even in their most circuitous versions. These objects are the sort of “instrument” that have more to do with installations than concerts (although Flunger regularly performs live, both alone and with other improvising artists); she makes good use of “found stuff, trash, tools, instruments, toys, souvenirs and presents” to start fascinating processes of conscious deconstruction which, in the case of this CD, preserve the purity of her artistic intent rather than alluding to disguised messages. It’s an interesting outlook on the sonic properties of many objects that people meet and use on daily basis, without realizing that they can also be a means to creative ends.


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