This CD features a live recording of improvisations by Fullman and Meehan, whose “combination tones, sympathetic resonances, beating and even cancellation of each other’s sound” are all generated by the sheer juxtaposition of two sources, namely Fullman’s long string instrument and Meehan’s snare drum with cymbals. The former is an impressive creature, counting on dozens of strings whose length can reach up to 20 metres, played with rosined fingers while walking along the installation; the harsher, frictional timbres deriving from Meehan’s atypical use of percussion instruments are almost perfectly complementary to Fullman’s invention, the whole often raising a true “overtone symphony” whose results in terms of sonority range from Stephen Scott-like majestic chordal suspensions – only in a more skeletal harmonic environment – to the upper partial-derived hypnotic howl characterizing the final segment, which somehow reminds of Alvin Lucier but with a number of slight variations and peculiar morphologies underneath. To better enjoy the multiplicity of shapes and morphing rebounds elicited by these fine sound artists, listening from the speakers – possibly in a large room – comes once again highly recommended, as corners and walls are the places where these reverberant tones take their energy from, before coming back to the listener with stirring force, even in moments of apparent tranquillity.