FAGUS – Dans L’Involucre Entre Ouvert

(A Question Of Re-entry)

Fagus is the duo of Ferran Fages (acoustic turntable) and Pascal Battus (acoustic walkman). Since the very first moments of the disc one is lulled into a false tranquillity – some tweaks and creaks, hissing, familiar noises – then all of a sudden a hell of piercing high frequencies, like a bat chorale through an overdrive pedal – had yours truly (with headphones on) instantly lowering the volume in order to avoid brain scathing. I could imagine Pascal and Ferran obliquely sneering at me in that moment. The whole album is an exercise in effervescence of circuital burns and – especially in its final parts – the music seems to embody a miniature hommage to cheap machinery, implying several tips of the hat to AMM and Morphogenesis minus the low frequency range. It is virtually impossible to depict the complexion of this difficult sampler of uneasy misprints; I’d rather define the six tracks herein as herpetic appearances on an already deformed mouth. Any aesthetical pretense is left out of the equation.


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