(Creative Sources)

This record is pretty unusual for Fages; those who know him as a noise priest with Cremaster will have a hard time recognizing his hand in these segments, played on a guitar without effects, with just a naked “string-and-finger” approach to a slow meditation. Devoid of any trick, just left there like an immobile stone, these 33 minutes show Ferran in intimate settings studying combinations of resonant strums and humming bass, slight detunings and detached calm. Everything is left as played, including uncertainties and crackles, so that the whole work sounds austere and sombre throughout. Standing halfway through the quietest work by Noel Akchoté and Loren Connors, it’s likely one will appreciate “A cavall” more and more through repeated listenings; I suggest doing it through speakers more than headphones, as the peculiar mixtures of frequencies are better helped by objects and walls refracting them.