“Semisferi”, a double CD recorded in studio (Barcelona) and live (Paris), is the occasion to promote a virtual round table about the path of Fages, Barberàn and Costa Monteiro and the places they have visited with their music, of which this release shows several new perspectives. If it’s true that the ever-changing combinations of this trio yield different results, it’s also a fact that the aesthetic choices implied by their improvisational adventures is doubtlessly unique, having nowadays found its nest in an evolved, if deformed acousticity which is detectable even in the less smooth inseminations. The studio disc comprises two tracks, in which a new percussive element is brought forth since the very beginning, also courtesy of Fages’ bass tom – not to mention his motorized deconsecrations – and Barberàn’s penchant for having stones and rounded objects rolling and bouncing on (usually) an upside-down biscuit tin. If a more polite emission happens to spring out of those things by chance, the nice fellows promptly tarnish its potential purity with some kind of humongous fluctuation or through their home-made hornblowing, the allure of which is contagious in its brazen-faced beatitude. And if you hear “chords” (it happens, too) be aware that you won’t find them in Schönberg’s “Harmonielehre”. More probably, it’s your head that has reached the zero point of the easy listening scale. The live concert presents a series of miniature meltdowns where short-tempered reflections grow and expand until there’s no escape from their genuine plentifulness; additional accordion dissonance, the clatter of the multitude of objects utilized by Fages on his acoustic turntable, Barberàn intent on blowing against flexible surfaces to elicit distortion, it’s all part of a lexicon that these artists have created without caring too much if it sounded “good” or, heaven forbid, like “someone else”. The sonic matter is eviscerated until exhaustion; a few seconds of regrouping is all they need to launch more signals around in search of questionable values and thorough intolerances, at times manifested with quivering intensity in a series of self-recycling spurts of – why not? – violence. Patience and concentration are a must, unless you want to get distracted on purpose by something more pleasing and surely mundane, too.


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