FESSENDEN – Capture/Create


Hailing from Chicago, the trio of Joshua Convey (bass) Stephen Fiehn (CD players, guitar, iPod) and Steven Hess (drums, vibraphone) presents us with a pretty austere minimal music, much in the vein of labels like For 4 Ears and Longbox as far as the silent organicism of their sound is concerned. Recorded directly to minidisc using a single “strategically placed” stereo mike, these two compositions are born from a structured improvisation in which the three musicians exchange accomplice glances while remaining concentrated on hypnotically drifting circles, mostly building their rustling murmurs upon the cross of rumbling frequencies and gently clattering loops, amidst which Fiehn’s guitar plays sparse clean chords in a slow crescendo that’s abruptly cut off by the sudden end of the CD. A captivating release which left me curious to hear more.


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