Cyclical structures and timbral mimetism are the most evident features of this unadorned music, recorded in Chicago in 2005. Convey, Fiehn and Hess use bass, CD players, guitars, iPod and drums to move around organic systematizations of partially educated noises and found sounds converted to an inexhaustible mesmerism which is the main asset of this beautiful disc. In the hands of Fessenden, instruments become combustible, generating a growing penumbra of ruinous premonitions that never seem to really materialize. Playing on a rusty knife edge, these artists mould a new genre of inquisitive reduction of technical abuse, once again nearing the area of Günter Müller-based electroacoustic improvisations, with just a little less refined language but with the same amount of substance. “Inside the ice factory” encroaches new territories without too much of a movement, its latent shamanic energy well disguised by an appreciable “no frills” attitude on behalf of the players.