FLUE – Beyond The Edge Of Nowhere


I remembered guitarist Mason Jones from having reviewed his solo CD “The crystalline world of memory” on Public Eyesore back at the beginnings of Touching Extremes. I’m glad to find him again in Flue, still on guitar (and synthesizer) and together with Jason Stein (bass) and Chris Miller (guitar) plus guest Geoff Walker, the latter credited with “other sounds”. The password to this music is “heavy processing”; as a matter of fact the album reminds a lot of what in the 70s many people would call a “cosmic trip” through an ample spectrum of sonic deformations and ever-changing waves and resonances. Pretty undefinable stuff as far as a proper “genre” is concerned, but surely a mind-altering listening experience under the guise of fourteen tracks fused into a continuum, like in a suite. The basically analog character of the sources used by Flue makes sure that adjectives like “warm”, “boiling” and “distorted” are more convenient in the description than something like “articulated” or “glacial”. Rarely the guitars are heard in their regular timbre, and that sensation lasts just a few seconds; the rest is a call from the translucid edges of outer space investigation where nothing is really as it appears, any simulacrum of harmony refracted by hundreds of deforming mirrors. A psychedelic record, then? You bet, and even a pretty interesting one.


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