Focus Quintet are Anita and Dan DeChellis, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Chris Forsyth and Jeff Arnal. This recording’s tracks range from “comprovisation” to absolutely free music, played with the skills and capacities that are always to be expected from improvisers at this technical level. Anita DeChellis’ vocalism is like an instrument in a collective rather than a real “protagonist” and this is a plus, because I often have problems listening to egocentric female voices when they’re not a simple “colour” or part of a structured composition (unless we talk about Diamanda Galas, Meredith Monk or ladies belonging to that class, of course). Diaz-Infante, Forsyth and Dan DeChellis act sparsely and intelligently, and Arnal keeps looking for nuances while fracturing rhythms all over the place. Ultimately, Focus Quintet are serious – and that’s all we want.


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