FOXES FOX – Naan Tso


In 2004, Louis Moholo-Moholo – the only survivor among the legendary “Blue Notes” – returned to live in South Africa after decades in London, where he became one of the leading forces in a field crowded with hundreds of beautiful artistic souls. “Naan Tso” is a goodbye concert featuring Evan Parker on tenor sax, Steve Beresford on piano and John Edwards on double bass flanked by Moholo, whose anti-rule drumming is the launching ramp for many long moments of uncontaminated jazz. Playing with teenage fervour, Parker nods respectfully towards the Coltrane icon, at the same time affirming his own royalty during intense opinion exchanges, while Beresford often forgets that he only owns ten fingers as he shapes chords upon chords of nonpareil harmonic sapience released little by little, therefore avoiding any chance of a “devil may care” stampede. Edwards confirms his technical solidity and fanciful grammar on the bass, celebrating a communion of intents that should always be a given in such occasions. Heart and class transpire in healthy doses from this album, a deserved salute to a great percussionist – and to freedom at large.


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