FREE BASE – The Ins And Outs


Alan Wilkinson (sax, voice) Marcio Mattos (double bass, electronics) and Steve Noble (percussion) use an instant performance setting for the development of a language which is firmly rooted in free jazz – if this definition still has a sense – and they are not afraid to let everyone know it. This trio washes away any doubt through intelligence and belligerency in a wide-ranging multitude of involving sketches; the squawking alto and baritone detours by Wilkinson satisfy the need for a meaty presence amidst a remarkably intelligible fusion of individual spirits; Mattos’ engaging playing shows his full commitment, not only to this elaboration of openness but above all to an extensive, ongoing enchantment with the mirage of transforming the role of bass into a powerful lyrical source. Noble’s drumming shows his understanding of these improvisations’ complexion while elegantly remaining within the margins of a politically incorrect ascendance to pristine forms of self-expression.


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