FREIBAND – Sijis_Rmx Expanded Edition


There are records that just refuse description, as their sheer existence is the very reason of their meaning. Just like certain kinds of metaphysical phenomena should be enjoyed as they are, without asking what, why or when – those nerve-wrecking questions that ignite most people’s struggle with depression – this CD is one of those objects that we should use as a “presence”; if it can also help to achieve the goal of relaxing, reflecting, or even canceling the surrounding people’s pandemonium, that’s perfectly fine. Originally released in 2004, “Sijis_rmx” is Freiband/Frans De Waard’s try to synthesize the back catalogue of this label into a static soundscape, which to this day remains splendid in his protective impenetrability, one of those drone/non drone tapestries that one could just put in eternal reply mode and be happy. Five artists from the world of contemporary electronica (Sluggo, Scott Taylor, J Torrance, Srmeixner, Mutton Deluxe) offer their own remodeling of that remix, each one altering or just slightly transforming the pre-existing material to bring out new particulars, deeper growls, ambiguous rhythms. The excellence of the basic source allows the project to function at its very best, constituting a fascinating introduction to the many possible ways to create what REALLY should be called “trance music”. This stuff predisposes the audience in “full receive” mode, all channels ready to accept the most abundant flows of transcendental energy. Speakers recommended.


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