Looking for humoral, questioning, undepreciated improvisation? Chris Biscoe (sax, clarinet) Brian Godding (guitar synth) Marcio Mattos (double bass) and Tony Marsh (drums) have all the necessary tools for one abundant hour of jazz-stereotype removal music, histrionics-free virtuosity and emotional mordancy. “Spark in the dark”, recorded live and in the studio between 1990 and 1994, wraps you like slipstream smoke: you’ll find yourself around flares of massive turbulence sapiently alternated with whispered suggestions amidst spurious atmospheres – satisfaction is guaranteed. This is craftmanship at its best, a collection for any season, integrity and seriousness of the participants out of any doubt; each one of the involved artists comes out a winner in this motley, forward-looking meeting of half-brother inquisitive spirits.