KEN FILIANO & STEVE ADAMS – The Other Side Of This

(Clean Feed)

Two extraordinary players do not necessarily imply the accomplishment of a good duo, but Filiano and Adams are endowed with a unique blend of exquisite discernment and listening ability which takes their improvisations to the highest realm of “modern chamber jazz”, if you forgive the definition. Twelve dialogues in which we enjoy the result of a light housekeeping between a crystal gazing bassist, whose sound is molecular, creamy and from time to time subjected to a discreet effect treatment to build whirlwinds and continuums, and one of the most eclectic reedists on the scene, a visionary who’s lucid enough to never let either lyricism or geometry take a leading role during his fabulously inventive linear investigations. It’s one of those cases when I’m left fence-sitting, unable to divide the merits of the musicians in something that’s equally intricate and heartwarming. These artists explore several directions with identical inspiration, their ideas igniting a far-reaching interplay whose appeal is inversely proportional to this music’s commercial potential. “The other side of this” does not contain anachronisms or conventional concepts; it’s rather a demonstration of the unnecessariness of being radical-viewed in order to create something remarkable and unpremeditated.


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