This music was improvised in a studio of Tijuana, Mexico in 2003. Four musicians/sound artists with pretty dissimilar backgrounds were riunited in an improbable place to set up a series of exchanges whose main result is a curious intersection of affected balances and discarded identities. At the beginning, Fernandes’ drums seem to prevail in the mix; but soon enough, synthetic eruptions and stuttered affirmations by Fjellestad and Riis begin to mould an ambiguous bed of thorns for Haco’s electronics, toys and (in “Speak”) quiet introverted utterances. Instantly, the whole gets instinctively connected to a bizarre underworld of biotic agglomerates with a collective lunatic personality, in which percussive fragments and an inexhaustible simultaneousness of electronic idiosyncrasies join, acquiring a soft polymorphic consciousness. An utterly impalpable sense of extraterrestrial counterpoint does the rest, giving our perceptive channels the right amount of time to get used to this strange concoction.