(Trente Oiseaux)

This is quite a departure from the main Trente Oiseaux aesthetics of ghostly shades of uncertainty and masterful explorations of silence. Hazarding a decisive step into stringed dissonance, Friedl (inside piano) Günter (electric cellotar) and Vorfeld (stringed instruments, percussion) raise serious questions, bringing out spectral rumblings and cavernous basses, rejecting heavenward messages, replenishing the air with an abundance of evil crunching and tsunamis of vociferous fuzziness. Full of sense of incumbency, “Message urgent” speaks its language through holding back every memory, leaving a stark naked impression of some hidden threat the artists just leave at our own guessing. It’s thoroughbred improvisation, impartial and dangerously sincere, depositary of an uncommon grade of crudity that’s also its best value.