EARZUMBA – Bestia Infernal


This is probably one of Christian Dergarabedian’s best albums to date, if not THE best, presenting his greatly enjoyable, truly “delihilarious” work with samples and cut’n’paste in the first half and an engrossing exploration of the low realms of “cosmic vibration” in the very last track, which is a 30-minute live performance. A pretty strange thing that occurred to me is that – as it often happens in the back of one’s mind – these days I was repeatedly thinking of Billy Joel’s “Just the way you are”, without apparent reason. Then I put this disc in the player and – bang! – it begins with the massacre of that very song. This was enough of a signal for me, and the best was yet to come: bone-wrenching lunatic blues, Latin folk songs shredded into small pieces, a fantastic nightmare of loops based on David Bowie’s “Let’s dance” and a track full of James Brown-meets-heavy-metal-singer screams which is absolutely energetic. There’s also a piece which juxtaposes snippets of lounge music, minus the body of the song (example: the band leader’s count going straight into the final chord, with consequent audience applause, or a single piano note saluted by more enthusiasm…you get the picture, a wonderful idea). The fascinating final trip, 30 minutes of entrancing low-frequency radiation, shows how Earzumba is at total ease with this kind of sonic scenario, too. I still wonder why Reynols’ output is more considered than its single components’; listening to this and other Earzumba albums (and also to the solo works by Anla Courtis) is really a greater pleasure – and C.D. should be much less an underground phenomenon than a well known talent, which he certainly deserves to be. Maybe he prefers that way?


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