EARZUMBA – Real Ruido Pastizo

(Editions Zero)

More sonic deconstruction by Earzumba, whose style does not require a rocket scientist to be decoded, all the while guaranteeing a lot of fun in his sampladelia world of broken illusions and harsh realities. “Real ruido pastizo” is another pretty short bulletin of disjointed beats, distorted television and disassembled instrumental parts, which in the hands of Dergarabedian lose their apparent discontinuity to become a whole mass of ambiguity covered with the dirt of a real life whose snippets are there to be observed bit by bit but never entirely, in order for us to keep the certainty of failure at a safe distance. “Failure”, taken in the mechanical acceptation of the term, is a good starting point to describe what Earzumba presents through his machines, which include “key sampler, harmonica, cintas y maus”. Sounds that are not supposed to work together, yet unquestionably do, incessantly, unpredictably, with that touch of naïveté typical of this man. This very earnestness in depicting scenes that could be defined as “normal”, but become instead the representation of a fractured truth is – together with a thorough unpretentiousness – what makes this and other releases by C.D. always welcome on this desk.


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