(Comfort Stand)

Active since 2000 and led by Peter Martin, Eddie The Rat is an avantgarde music collective that has been featured on Negativland’s Seeland label and is now at its fourth release. “Drop me off at Denpasar” is a 5-part composition lasting about 17 minutes, influenced by Balinese gamelan structures but with a strange ironical twist. Martin states that the piece originally took form from a series of exercises he wrote for his finger independence; he then glued some of them together in order to create a “real” score. Two pianos, drums and homemade percussion (played by Martin, Ches Smith, Dan Ake and Bianca Austin) constitute the skeleton of a lovely mixture of intersecting patterns and repetitive rhythms which sound like a small orchestra of puppets playing tiny instruments with enthusiastic sapience. Strange, curious, enjoyable music in every aspect.