EFTUS SPECTUN – The Tocks Clicking

(Public Eyesore)

Only 25 minutes, but almost perfect. A typical Public Eyesore chemical solution of craziness and geniality, this time illuminated by a well-developed technical expertise. Uncontrollable tempos alimenting skeletal arpeggios and dissonant riffs, played with thorough knowledge of the fretboard and without fussiness of sorts. A lot of different instruments appear in the mix, including what sounds like very cheap ones. Both the sounds and the (splendid!) babbling are clearly influenced by Captain Beefheart in my humble opinion (circa “Doc at the radar station”, maybe?); remaining in that zone, Zoogz Rift could also be a good comparison, yet Eftun Spectun are instrumentally more disciplined. In a word, these guys can really play – that’s what gives this music its value, together with a pungent irony (fabulous mellifluous-to-crooning vocals, but try to intone those intervallic jumps yourselves: not easy for sure). All the tracks are short and sharp, often ending inside a minute, except “Mullusc mollusc”, a description-defying, delirious studio monster lasting alone half the CD. Truly great stuff, quirky, intelligent, difficult and easily digestible at once.


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