Mostly made of quietly unobtrusive concoctions of electronica and acoustic improvisation, “Group” sees Ernst Karel (trumpet, analog electronics), Kyle Bruckmann (oboe, English horn, analog electronics) and Giuseppe Ielasi (electric guitar, piano etc.) trying to locate invisible niches, in order to hide their timid inspections of vibration and hum right there, all the while working “in between” those zones where electroacoustic manipulation and quasi-biotic tranquillity are integrated in a coherent context. The qualities of the “regular” instruments are carefully put in reciprocal contact during short static contrapuntal segments, seemingly to represent a series of “stations” where the musicians gather to regroup and plan new theories for the exploitation of the concealed qualities of their sources. Yet it takes only a raise of the volume to bring out unexpected facets of deep resonance, riveting pulse and educated noise peeping at us behind an ever-lurking calmness. The “Providence-Middletown” track is my own highlight, with a splendid deformed cycle – about 2’30″ into the piece – opening the heart and preparing the expectancy to being brutalized by distorted overacute frequencies and slightly unsettling vignettes meshing earthquake and contemplation; one detects an AMM-like spirit, also enhanced by a discreet radiophonic presence. Taken in the right frame of mind, this is a gorgeous release.