(Stentorian Tapes/Public Eyesore)

Bryan Day, label honcho and improvising artist, is among those individuals who leave the music do the talking. In fact, he often sends me handfuls of great releases under various monikers, Eloine being one of them, usually lacking press releases or letters. The problem is that the CDR edition analyzed here (dated 2005 but released in 2007) doesn’t feature notes, either – only the track names – so I’d have to guess that this is a reissue of materials previously published on cassette (OK, it is – I checked the website, heh heh). Despite the absence of information, these thirty minutes for strings, percussion, noises and heaven-knows-what-else are, again, great. Unusual brilliance springing out from everywhere, zings, scrapes, howls and slight returns contrasting any plausible insurgence by something remotely associable to a “pattern” or a “groove”. Bizarre mixtures of hyperactivity and somnolence (check “Cloudkiln, the”. What a title, huh?), distortion and controlled feedback taking command towards the end of the disc, the sensation of being caught between “stylistic islands” without having a clue of what this stuff is all about, frequent detuning of strings recalling antique Asian instruments. A lot of movement which, curiously, sounds fairly tranquil throughout. Undecipherable music, appealing all the way and – on top of that – sounding beautiful from the first second to the last. Who needs liners?