ELOINE – Short Community

(Digitalis Industries)

Bryan Day, best known as founder of the perennially boiling Public Eyesore label and the mastermind behind the Eloine moniker, recently sent me a batch of releases where he’s involved as a player, and which I’ll be glad to report about in the upcoming issues of this webzine. “Short community” is an excellent introduction to Day’s improvisational methods, consisting of three lengthy segments in which he calmly deploys acoustic, electric and environmental sounds to create the equivalent of an aural Zen garden, but with a slightly deformed view of the objects comprised by the latter. “Bonanza illusion” is a perfect example, built as it is on the constant presence of a placidly plucked zither (or is it?) with minor intrusions and background noises. On the contrary, “Apples on a cutting board” is rather darkish, the acute frequencies leaving room to distant recollections of unquiet atmospheres where the manipulation of an electric guitar’s resonance generates a semi-ethereal concoction that moves the piece according to an unsteady, yet well-aimed intent. The initial “Dangling filaments” is developed over the sound of water à la Darren Tate and – differently from the rest of the album – is a little more variegated, boings and zings deriving from various sources to be fused with guitar and percussion in a peculiarly heartwarming kind of psychedelia. Remaining indecipherable enough, Eloine’s music is nevertheless a very welcome company whatever the occasion in which one enjoys it; in this writer’s opinion, it works the finest at low level in a tranquil setting.


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