The quality of the proposals churned out by this Polish label never lies under the limits of decency; quite often, it tends to excellence. Furthermore, the targets to which this imprint aims are variegated and multi-faceted, ranging from EAI-derived improvisations to low-budget electronica and educated noise, but with a typically genuine attitude that distances these elucubrations from the rest of the productions in the same fields. Not necessarily for the better or worse: this is just diverse stuff and as such it must be appreciated. This album was born from a 2-day recording session at St.John’s church in Gdansk; the sounds were captured direct to DAT by two microphones, the result left unmixed. The musicians: Tomasz Gadomski and Krysztof Topolski are percussionists, Marcin Dymiter plays electric guitar. Other participants, heard softly in the background, were “workers renovating the church”. Music of frequently changing dynamics, spanning through AMM/Morphogenesis introversions, next-to-silence tasting of the thin air surrounding the players, sudden raging outbursts where the six strings are bent to the rules of full acidity, the appearance of a “sample-and-hold” device helpful in creating nervous loops that occupy long segments. The calmer traits of the trio’s complexion are the ones that I like best, though, and the final meditation for (I believe) steel drums and clean-toned guitar – a Reichian pattern that goes on and on, resonating deliciously – closes the CD in style.


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