ERIKM – Variations Opportunistes


Using short fragments of pre-existing music and synthetic materials, all the while subjecting CDs to heavy preparations with substances such as silicone (synthetic too, but in a different way…) ErikM designs new variations on contemporary minimalism and a few abstractions, never letting us without orientation points. A snippet of harpsichord music by Jean-Philippe Rameau is multiplied and superimposed to assume the semblance of a Reichian tapestry; an even shorter segment by Igor Stravinsky becomes a psychic elaboration of ample spaces, exalted by barely detectable oscillations. The final track makes good use of addictive and subtractive synthesis to cancel the contours of reality in an obscure electronic elucubration. ErikM started these studies in 1997; he refers to them as analyses of the degeneration of frequencies. I don’t hear this music as such, my instant reaction one of rather imperturbable, conscious tranquillity. No indigestible timbres, abstruse codes or pirate broadcasts, only the right touch of transcendence in an otherwise pretty consonant setting. It could very well amount to a nice introduction to this artist’s music for the uninitiated ones; the record stands on its own pretty strong legs, though, showing several alluring pictures disseminated throughout its 27 minutes.


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