It would be easy to define this music as “gesture/texture”. A duo of percussion and acoustic bass, as rightly told by Martin Davidson in the booklet notes, is almost entirely uncommon outside the usual “rhythm section” concept. Instead, Edwards and Sanders paint, construct, choose ways to play the very guts of their instruments that are absolutely new to ears; of course, prevailing timbral shades tend towards low, a rumble here, some tremor there… everything goes to achieve the best result: string plucking, grunting arco, a multi-dimensional drumming approach. But what actually must be observed and enjoyed in “Nisus duets” is the almost theatrical value of a simple instant decision, that note which is there because it has to be, without thinking too much about the reason, instead imagining a fitting choreography to this strange, introverted, untranslatable train of thought by John and Mark – two masters of their craft, if you ask me.