LAWRENCE ENGLISH / JEPH JERMAN – Lawrence English / Jeph Jerman

(Compost And Height)

First episode for a label founded by Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes, aiming to focus “upon our responses to the surrounding environment and the development of awareness”. This 3-inch CD comes attached to a small wooden block, a limited edition of 50 copies (all the titles found on the label’s website are downloadable for free, though) and contains two pieces, both meticulous enough in their respective fields. Lawrence English’s “Gradually you feel the tide at your neck” is a sonic picture of what he calls “the grain of the ocean”, a sound deriving from the coupling of a fierce marine wash and the diverse kinds of sand – from very thin particles to bigger fragments – characterizing the Australian beaches. The outcome is akin to a series of muffled inward gurgles breaking silence up, plus other assorted turbulences, not exactly innovative (at times they recall damaged vinyl) yet successful in symbolizing the researcher’s effort, rendered all the more complicated by the raging waters. Jeph Jerman’s piece “9” is an interesting combination of “recordings of meteorites, sferics and radio emissions from Saturn” influenced by the concept of a hypothetical station broadcasting sounds from space 24/7, the whole originated by Jerman’s reminiscence about his continuous watching of a NASA cable TV channel while residing in Tucson. Aesthetically satisfying, maybe slightly elusive compared to English’s track, bizarrely resembled in a few spots. In general a nice artefact, more a collector’s item than a “can’t miss” release.


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