This is the debut of Basque sound/multimedia artist Erkizia, who works with sounds at the threshold of inaudibility for most of this CD, even if a violent discharge at the beginning of the second movement could cause a stroke to the fainted heart after the almost subsonic relaxation of the first part. “Entresol” creeps through holes, walls and pavements like electricity in your home’s wiring: sometimes you manage to perceive something through the ears, most times you just feel its invisible presence manifesting itself like passing breeze – or in form of ultrasonic waves that a bat or a dog could hear in full. The listener’s role in this case is defined by the efficacy of his/her body functions; of course, clear ears and total silence should be a must when approaching sonic materials standing between the mutism of sources and a nuclear catastrophe. Then you arrive to the last track, that sounds like a cross of field recordings and shortwave radio, and realize no word can do justice to this highly skilled work: again, silence should prevail.


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