(Another Timbre)

Angharad Davies is one of the finest contemporary explorers of the violin, endowed as she is with a compound of academic training and freedom of mind, while mysterious inside pianist Tisha Mukarji is the mother of an excellent CD on Creative Sources – “D is for din” – but, apart from that, I never heard anything else from her. This album shows that modesty can go a long way, for it’s nothing short than a 37-minute masterpiece. States of balance and quietness are the ones preferred by the duo, as both artists’ sensitiveness appears aligned with an inner quest for the barest available emission from their tools, in search of the deepest possible attraction to silence. Yet silence it ain’t: there’s always a presence from an invisible background, a frail breath or a close-eyed transcendence which shatters the sonic components into smithereens – without noise. The approach, perceived as timid acquaintance with something previously unimaginable; the instantaneous acknowledgement of the physiology of the music, apparently “weak”, possessing instead a gradual force explicated via the different parts of the instruments, through percussive caressing, more appreciable bumps and plucks, almost inaudible suspiria. Every note seems to materialize from nowhere, letting us glimpse at some sort of skeletal harmonic content only to fade to the black of misunderstanding. There is indeed no way to distinguish a “shape” or a “sequence”. What this couple deals with is the efficient stimulation of perceptive alertness; sounds that, curiously, excavate in our consciousness deeply enough to deliver us from the will of analyzing them, tranquilized as we are in knowing that the matter is there even if its substance can’t really be determined. Fireflies in a summer night indeed. Piano and violin liberated from tonal constrictions once and for all, refreshed functional gestures, seemingly infinite cycles and self-generated timbral interactions reassuring the listeners about the possibility of going forward and looking inward at once. A precious record, gifted with inimitable feminine profoundness and beauty to spare, which is going to reveal new layers of charm each time you’ll return to it.


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