(Creative Sources)

There is a fascinating sense of restrained disorder in certain sections of Stralau where every component of the sound struggles for disengagement, yet all of these potential forms of freedom are somehow coerced into a single oscillation of powerful clusters that are even more oppressive than the silent reproaches of heartless guardians. The musicians do what’s in their possibility to subvert the status quo, finding new contact points in imaginary intercourses where spiritual fusion remains just a dream, shattered by the radiations of a futureless claustrophoby; no source remains recognizable, as winds and electronic activities try restoring a communication link with an unlikely ground control whose windows are shut up since years. After many uncomfortable moments, an almost unpregnable silence is broken by the slow breathing of someone entering the room with measuring instruments: suddenly the low frequency blob stands and walks again, restoring the monstrous order of massive vibrational dominions where no chance of seeing even the faintest light is allowed. In its obscure questioning, this is one of those improvisations deserving repeated listening to fully appreciate its message; it’s also the darkest sounding Creative Sources release.


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