(Creative Sources)

Silence is ruptured by clandestine segments of enthralling timbral lies; when I open my window, they’re soon clipped together with fabulous varieties of birds’ chirps and the passionless yet evocative rumble of cars in the distance. Harmonics meet the rusty consistency of imbalance between percussive clattering and deflowered breathing in gradual processes of premeditated counteractions. There is no actual tone, just a photosynthesis of undetermined jumpiness which leads – you would not say that – to long moments of scissored calm. The lapidary quality of these snapping statements is spouse to hole-and-corner inspections of hidden domiciles where mute intercourses and recycled intelligence meet. The musicians keep peeking towards an external, incoercible force permeating a sound that’s deceptively pellucid and absolutely frugal, Creative Sources style. Listen to it repeatedly.