DAY & TAXI – Out


This incarnation of Day & Taxi, the ongoing project of Swiss saxophonist Christoph Gallio, welcomes the playing talents of double bassist Christian Weber and drummer Marco Käppeli, together with vocalist Sara Maurer who appears as a guest in two tracks. The smart choice of dividing the record in many segments – some of them lasting a little more than 30 seconds – highlights the extreme variety and the polyhedric culture of these artists, who tackle the music with the right attitude. We hear modifications of jazz formats, rock vamps, ironic swing that gets obliterated in favour of instant calypso recollections. And, what’s most important, everything sounds absolutely un-sugarcoated and highly digestible – even if at the end of the CD you won’t probably remember a single line or theme. One never experiences a seething feeling while listening to “Out”, not even in the most complex pieces: the absence of excessive contrapuntal knots, mixed with a lucid interpretation of the spur-of-the-moment intuition that animates most of these tracks, and the musicians’ notable technical fecundity yield an energizing album that fuses composition and improvisation into a whole that – as very rarely happens in new jazz – is both lighthearted and donative in terms of aural gratification.


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